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Please feel free to suggest a site for the links section here at Sunlight and Shadow. The site must be directly related to the Gothic subculture (whether for or against), it must have content, must not be hateful or discriminatory (one can express opinions against a group of people without being hateful or discriminatory in the process), it must not encourage nor endorse harmful behaviour, and it must not violate any copyright laws. I would also appreciate a link back to Sunlight and Shadow as well.

Information on the Gothic Subculture:

A History of Goth
A Study of Gothic Subculture: An Inside Look for Outsiders
Academia Gothica
Blood Dance: Goth
The Goth Culture: Its History, Practices, etc. (from

Sites Protesting the Gothic Subculture:

Kingdom of Goth (from
Why Goth Sucks
Princess Daisy's Home Page

Resources for Goths:

Kate's Clothing
Shadow Domain Gothic Treasures
Gothic Auctions
Dark Side of the Net
Fire Escape's Christian Goth Resources
Goth Goose of the Week